The 2016 National Rally was hosted by the Northern California Norton Owners Club (NCNOC) with the volunteer support of nearby INOA chapters, individual INOA members, friends, and family…

Chairman:         Harry Bunting
Webmaster:      Ian Reddy
Support:            Gary Vogt
Graphics:          Fred Fortune
Registration:    Isabel Gloege, George and Sachie Shoblo, Pat and Leo Christianson,
Liz Sain, Robert Briscoe, Kathyrn Guy, Frank and Elizabeth Recoder,
Regina Burke, Charlie Brookman, Bhabe Keegan
Field Trials:      Northwest Norton Owners
Concours:         Garwood Jorgenson, Sachie Shoblo, Isabel Gloege, Pat Christianson,
Elizabeth Recoder
Banquet:           Margie Segal, Sachie Shoblo, Isabel Gloege, Pat Christianson,
Elizabeth Recoder, Cindy Armann, Liz Sain
General:            Erin and Yvonne Reddy
Chase Truck:    Tom Dabel, Lorin Guy, Ron Bastiaans
Security/Site:   Mike Sullivan, Bill Keegan
Ride Leader:     Jerry Kaplan, Frank Recoder, Chris Grimmett
Tech Sessions: Alan Goldwater, Ken Armann, Jerry Doe, John Favill
T-shirts:            Ron Bastiaans
Raffle:                Ken Armann
English Translator: David Warnes

To the companies and individuals who supported this event to help make it exciting and memorable – Thank You for your support of the Norton motorcycle and the worldwide community of Norton enthusiasts!

Colorado Norton Works
Old Britts
Classic British Motorcycles
Dave Quinn Motorcycles
Michigan Norton Owners Club
Baxter Cycle
Caswell Plating
Flying Monkeys
Heidenau Tires
Buchanan's Spoke and Rim
Whitehorse Press
Steadfast Cycles
Smiths Gauges USA
Ken Armann Restoration and Repair
Nations Capital Norton Club

Fair Spares America

Al Miles Brakes

Ohio Norton Riders

Greater Atlanta Norton Owners Association

Roanoke Valley Norton Owners

Doug Ratliff

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