2013-Logo-Main-v2R-90The 2013 National Rally was directly sponsored by the INOA with the volunteer support of nearby INOA chapters, individual INOA members, friends, and family…

Sheriff (Rally Chairman):         Garwood Jorgenson
Deputy Sheriff and Telegrapher (Rally Assistant Chairman and Webmaster): Ian Reddy
Roping (Registration):              Charley Gremmels, Chris Lawhon
Rodeo (Field Trials):                 Gary Bolduc and Norton Colorado
Stampede (Concours):              Mark Zenor and Northwest Norton Owners, Jim Bush, Kiwanis Club
Chuckwagon (Banquet):           Peter John Camino, Joyce Hall
Chuckwagon (Mess Hall):      Amy Gerlock
Pick Up Man (Chase Truck):   Dirk Lawhon
Town Marshall (Security and Site Coordinator): Chuck Bohn, Stella Bohn
Trail Boss (Ride Leader):   Chris Grimmett
Tack (Tech) Sessions:  Alan Goldwater, Art Bone, Charlie Brookman, Frank Del Monte, Bill Leamy
Wranglers (Wranglers):           Hannah Jorgenson, Sarah Harbert, Keith Karn
Daguerreotypes (Photographer): Josh Finn

To the companies and individuals who supported this event and helped make it exciting and memorable – Thank You for your support of the Norton motorcycle and the worldwide community of Norton enthusiasts!