Field Trials

Field Trials were held at the Rally Site (Plumas County Fairgrounds). They were sponsored by the NWNO and included the following activities:

Norton motorcycles only
No more entrants after group has finished first round of that game

Slow Race
1st: Ken Jacobson
2nd: Garrett Griffith
3rd: Angel Monje

  • Touch a line = out
  • No feet down start to finish
  • If one rider causes another to go out of their lane or put their foot down they get another try
  • Winners of each heat race each other

Water Balloon Toss – two-up
1st: Garrett Griffith and Erin Reddy
2nd: Gary Griffith and Steve Craig

  • No feet down start to finish (includes passenger)
  • Passenger throws water balloon over bar and catches it without the balloon breaking
  • Knock the bar off = out
  • Tie keeps going with the bar getting higher
  • If all finalist break the balloon, keep going

1st: Garrett Griffith
2nd: Grant Griffith
3rd: Gary Griffith

  • No feet down start to finish
  • Rings must be on lance at finish to count
  • Out of bounds = out
  • High score ties keep again going to determine winner

Humpty Dumpty – two-up
1st: Garrett Griffith and Erin Reddy
2nd: Grant Griffith and Suzy Greenway

  • No feet down start to finish (includes passenger)
  • 4 eggs and 4 cones
  • Place eggs on top of cones over a set course
  • Egg must stay on cone
  • Ties, course will be shortened (cones closer together)


The Concours were held at the Rally Site (Plumas County Fairgrounds) and included the following categories:

Awarded by People’s Choice

  • Norton Commando – Low Production (factory Commando that isn’t an Interstate or a Roadster)
    1st: Doug Saugen
    2nd: Chuck Bohn
    3rd: Clint Campbell
  • Norton Commando – Interstate
    1st: Don Meek
    2nd: Ed Storck
    3rd: Mark Scott
  • Norton Commando – Roadster
    1st: Mark Petersen
    2nd: Elisabeth Trevisan
    3rd: Gary Vogt
  • Norton Twin – Pre-1969
    1st: Tony Cording
    2nd: Sam Justice
    3rd: John Matsko
  • Norton Single – All Years
    1st: Mark Quade
    2nd: Dean Nissen
    3rd: David Overacker
  • Customized Norton (non-Commando)
    1st: Jim Bush
    2nd: George Kraus
    3rd: Butch Ambrosins
  • Competition Norton (track, trials, etc)
    1st: Paul Bilton-Smith
    2nd: David Overacker
    3rd: Ken Armann
  • Modern Norton (rebuilt by commercial operations or currently manufactured)
    1st: Doug Saugen
    2nd: Doug McCadam
    3rd: Doug McCadam
  • Other British Motorcycle – Pre-1976
    1st: Greg McBride
    2nd: Jack Sanders
    3rd: Don Johnson
  • Other British Motorcycle – 1976 through 1982
    1st: Lorin Guy
  • Other British Motorcycle – 1983 through Present
    1st: Doug Ratliff
    2nd: Brad Stevens
    3rd: Kate Hinner
  • Non-British Motorcycle
    1st: Tom Gross
    2nd: Tom Kullen
    3rd: Jeff Park
  • Norton Statesman (any Norton with 50,000+ miles on it)
    1st: Russ Orr
  • Rat Bike
    1st: George Poore
  • Best of Show
    1st: George Kraus

Awarded by Judge

  • INOA President’s Award
  • Rally Chairman’s Award

Other Awards

  • Long Distance: Clayton Ambrosias ~ 1950 miles
  • Bent Valve – hard luck to/from/at the rally
  • Oldest Rider: Gil Yarrow


American Valley Speedway is located at the Plumas County Fairgrounds, the rally site, and hosted dirt track racing on Saturday, July 16th with IMCA MODIFIEDS, HOBBY STOCKS, PURE MINI STOCKS, and IMCA SPORT MODS car racing.

Gate Opened at approximately 6:00PM. Admission 18+ $9.00, 13-17 $8.00, 6-12 $5.00, under 5 free.

Rally attendees could camp at the Fairgrounds the night of July 16th. Tent camping $10.00, RV camping $20, pay directly to Plumas County Fairgrounds.