Please observe the California State Motorcycle Laws and the INOA Rally Ride Rules and Guidelines at all times.

Rides (* indicates a scheduled ride with leader):

Bucks Lake Ride* (1 hour 22 minutes, 40.3 miles round trip)

A short ride to Bucks Lake. Leaves town with a nice ride through Meadow Valley, and then a brief twisty ride up to the lake. Coming back we take on sweeping curves on Big Creek Road.

Food at Lakeshore Resort at Bucks Lake or Bucks Lake Lodge

La Porte Ride*
(2 hours 26 minutes, 62.6 miles)

A favorite ride of local motorcyclists. The pavement is great, the first half is tight and uphill and the last half is long sweepers. La Porte is an old mining town and it has a small mining museum exhibit. The permanent population is 26 but there are a couple of good eating places. The town is at 5000 feet and the ride tops out at over 7000 feet.

Be careful of the curves! There is one very deceptive decreasing radius off camber downhill curve with a cliff over the edge.

Museum Ride*
(1 hour 38 minutes riding, 74.7 miles, two museum visits and lunch, 4-5 hours total)

This is the main group ride with a lunch provided.

Ride on highway 70 to Portola and the Western Pacific Railroad Museum. Then on county roads to lunch in Graeagle, an old mill town converted to a resort community with several high end golf courses, through Plumas Eureka State Park ( and up to Johnsville for the mining museum.

Johnsville is a historic mining town and is a must see in itself with some beautifully restored homes. It sits just below the local ski area.

Antelope Lake Ride*
(2 hours 46 minutes, 102.5 miles)

A nice ride through picturesque valleys and meadows, then up a very twisty road to a good sized lake at altitude. On the way is Greenville, and a stop at Flying Monkeys.  There are restaurants and gas.  Make sure to top off here; there’s no more gas till return to Quincy.

In Genesee valley, the Genesee store is open only on weekends. Young’s Market in Taylorsville is open. There are no services at Antelope Lake.  To ride around the lake, add 25 minutes and 11 miles. The main attractions are the scenery and the tight road up the mountain.


Downieville Ride
(2 hours 37 minutes, 114.2 miles)

One of the most beautiful rides. High elevation, continuous sweeping turns, truly a five star ride. Through Graeagle, a historic mill town, over Lakes Basin, through Sierra City to Downieville, both historic mining towns. A number of restaurants. This ride returns by the same route, but it’s great both ways.

High Sierra Tour Ride
(4 hours 21 minutes, 176.9 miles)

This ride extends and combines two of the best rides; the Downieville Ride and the Bucks Lake Ride. The roads are all good and the traffic is light. The lower part between Dobbins and Olive Highway may be pretty warm and have more traffic but it changes pretty fast once you get some elevation.

Other local destinations and rides:

Lake Almanor / Chester48 miles from Plumas County Fairgrounds
Lassen Volcanic National Park74 miles from Plumas County Fairgrounds
Flying Monkeys / Greenville24 miles from Plumas County Fairgrounds
Belden Town30 miles from Plumas County Fairgrounds