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For those interested in fishing Elma’s lakes, reservoirs and streams, there are some excellent choices including Dry Run Creek, Vance Creek Lake and Left Fork Raimie Creek. Whether you’re fishing for Lake Trout, Brook Trout or Small-mouth Bass, or one of the other fish found in the area, get your fly fishing gear, bait-casting setup, trolling equipment, or spin casting gear out and discover a new favorite fishing spot near Elma. A non-resident fishing licenses cost $20.15 per day (less for youth licenses). Licenses can be obtained online.

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For more information on sanctioned Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) locations within the state of Washington please consult the Washington ATV Association and USDA.

Grays Harbor Activities and Events

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Historic Brooklyn Tavern, “Washington’s Most Remote Bar.”
Check out the ride maps for information on visiting this unique tavern
(From thrillist.com) Built in the 1920s to service a logging town that straight‐up doesn’t exist anymore, this ramshackle wooden watering hole is seemingly trapped in me: a simple hand‐painted sign welcomes you into a riotous interior where a wood-burning stove provides the only heat and an actual stream runs beneath the bar stools to serve as a spittoon. No, we’re not making this up. The walls/ceiling are covered with photos, tools, and other reminders of boom-town long forgotten. Oh, and did we mention the men’s room lined with vintage‐ish porn? It’s 125 miles from both Portland and Seattle, and about 20 miles from… well, anything

Satsop Abandoned Nuclear Plant
Lambert Road, Elma, WA
(From roadsideamerica.com) The Satsop Nuclear Power Plant was 75% complete in 1983 before the money ran out and work was abandoned. To avoid steep dismantling costs, the site was eventually handed over to a public corporation and became the Satsop Development Park, home to various light industry businesses who work in the shadows of the two cooling towers. You can enter the property freely but you can’t go under the towers (they’re fenced off, although supposedly they are planning to open them to the public someday). Still, you can peek inside them since their bases are not solid (the hollow structures are held along by a zigzag of beams.) The tower at the site entrance was completely empty inside save for a lone port‐a‐potty.

(From GeekWire.com March 3, 2018) According to Grays Harbor newspaper The Daily World, last year tens of thousands of the recalled cars from Washington, Oregon, and Alaska began pouring into to the port in Aberdeen, Wash., where they are having their emissions issues repaired. Eventually they had so many cars at the port that they began overflowing to fifty‐five acres of parking twenty miles east in Elma, next door to the defunct Satsop Nuclear Power Plant. Google Maps latest aerial view of the area shows around 10,000 of the cheating cars in lots around the unused nuclear plant, along with another 10,000 or so at the port. Details about the post‐recall process are sparse. The 2017 Daily World article says only that Volkswagen was using the space to store the cars either before or after repair, but the manager of Pasha Automotive, the company overseeing the project, “was not at liberty to discuss any details about Pasha’s agreement with Volkswagen regarding the recalled vehicles.” Once the cars are updated to comply with emissions standards, they will presumably be re‐sold by dealers.

The Polson Museum
1611 Riverside Ave., Hoquiam, WA
The Polson lies along the banks of the historic Hoquiam River. Extensive gardens, landscaping, and outdoor machinery displays complement the lovely mansion. The Museum houses the Polson Logging Company’s original forge, anvil, and other historic logging tools. Two steam donkeys, a 1933 Linn Half Track used by the Polson Logging Co. and a 1932 Hoquiam‐built Lamb Speed‐Trak are both now displayed. 360‐533‐5862

Mason County Historical Society
5th Street and Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA
History comes to life in Mason County’s most extensive collection of historic documents, photos and artifacts from Mason County’s Chamber, shellfish, farming and early pioneer days. 360‐426‐1020

Running Anvil Carriage Museum
445 Black Creed Rd. Montesano, WA
A 10 minute drive outside of Montesano, along winding country roads, you’ll find a hidden gem: a collection of over 30 restored carriages! These horse‐drawn beauties and buggies are tucked away in multiple buildings. Get a tour from the owners and restorers themselves. Bonus: A collection of likely more than 1,000 matchbooks from Grays Harbor area businesses of the past. 360‐249‐3645