The 2018 INOA Tall Timber Rally was hosted by the Northwest Norton Owners with sponsorship of the INOA and volunteer support of members, friends, and family…

Rally Committee

Co‐Chairs: Marie Deebach, Mark Zenor
Registration: Anita Hill, John Hill
Banquet: Kelly Mueller
Ride Coordinators: Donn Harvey, Steve Craig
Member at Large: Will Wachtel


Field Trials: Gary Griffith, Garrett Griffith, Grant Griffith, Garry Scheving, Marie Deebach
Concours: Mark Zenor
T‐shirts: John Hill
Chase Truck: Deby Harvey
Tech Sessions: Bertrand Haenggi, Jim Comstock, Owen Greenfield, Jim Bush
General: Bob Brown, Terry Clark, John Deebach, Ella Eaton, Fred Eaton, Jim Franzel, Rita Franzel, Suzi Greenway, Deby Harvey, Bob Lubowicki, Pat Lubowicki, Gary Richey, Garry Scheving, Joe Smith, Ted Stanley, Bill Thackaberry, Chris Thackaberry, Janet Zenor
Webmaster: Ian Reddy


  • Old Britts (Fred and Ella Eaton)
  • Art Brass Plating
  • Zenor’s Norton Service (Mark Zenor)
  • Baxter Cycles (Randy Baxter)
  • Walridge Motors Limited (Mike Partridge)
  • JRC Engineering (Bill Getty)
  • Fair Spares America (Phil Radford)
  • Smiths Gauges (Tom Kullen)
  • Wheels Unlimited (Tim and Tom Frutiger)
  • Nation’s Capitol Norton Owners
  • Michigan Norton Owners
  • Ontario Norton Owners
  • John Deebach
  • Dean Nissen
  • City of Monroe, WA. Geoffrey Thomas, Mayor

To the all those who made this event possible – Thank You for your support of the Norton motorcycle and the worldwide community of Norton enthusiasts!