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2020 INOA Rip Van Norton Rally

The Tri-State Norton Riders meeting of March 21, 2020 was not a happy one. Just a few weeks before we were looking forward to welcoming you to another great Norton rally.

Alas, with a heavy heart I must announce it is not to be.Things change so rapidly. News about the Corona Virus (CoVid-19) continues to bombard us daily. The projections are dire. We may wish to disbelieve the information we are receiving, but it cannot be disregarded. People are suffering and dying. Though the majority of people infected will only suffer minor symptoms, the projected numbers are staggering. The worst possible projection is that there will be 100 million infected people in the U.S. That’s 1/3 of the population, with 1 million possible deaths. It may not reach those numbers. We certainly hope it does not even get close. But the numbers of cases and fatalities increases dramatically each day. The only way we can help to flatten the curve and reduce the risk to everyone is to take these “social distancing” guide lines seriously. Many of us in the INOA are in the age group that is experiencing the most serious affects of this disease, people over 60. (that’s me).

Everyone that participated in the meeting agreed that we could not, in good conscience go forward with the Rally under these circumstances. I don’t ever recall any other meeting that we were unanimous, except when it was a vote for another round of drinks.

March 20th the governor of Pennsylvania announced the mandatory closure of all not essential businesses. At the meeting of March 21st   we wondered why New York State’s Governor Cuomo had not done the same. By the next day Governor Cuomo did just that.

The Blackthorne Resort, the site of the Rally, now shows “no upcoming events” on its website. If you call the phone number you will get a message stating that there is no one in the office due to the quarantine. The last sentence is that when the quarantine is lifted, they will be once again be open for business.

I know this is hard on all of us, in so many ways. No work, or income for most people, kids climbing the walls, mom and dad want a break. No sports! Stay healthy, safe and sane.

The Tri-State Norton Riders would like to ask that we have the honor of hosting in 2022. If possible at the same venue.

I will be working to refund the money that was sent via PayPal ASAP. Right now PayPal has no one in the offices to answer questions, just computerized info. I will get past that. If I cannot refund your money directly through PayPal, I will be sending out checks to everyone that has paid rally and event fees. Everyone that has sent a check will get a check in return. The most recent checks I did not deposit, while I waited to see how things would play out. Those that have not been deposited, will be returned to you.

As I said in Michigan, INOA Rallies always remind me of Sly Stone’s “We Are FAMily”.  I can’t wait to see you all again, and to toast this big wonderful family. My, Our, best wishes and hopes for all of you.

Chuck Contrino
President Tri-State Norton Riders
Unhappy Rally Chairman 2020

After several weeks of conversations, evaluations and speculations, The Tri State Norton Riders decided during a meeting with members, to cancel the 2020 Rip Van Norton Rally this July.

This was a very difficult decision but with the Covid 19 pandemic centered in New York city and state at this time, the Chapter felt they had to do this for public safety along with unknown factors that are still to come.

A valid reason Chuck presented to me was that with several months off from work etc., who may have that extra money to spend on a rally. My own reason to cancel is that these members are going to be under extra stress getting through their own virus worries and how can we give them more, not able to meet, deal with details and guarantee this would still actually happen.

The INOA Board unanimously backs their decision. Chapters are awarded the hosting privilege which means they are in charge of many things according to the contract signed by both entities.

This does not mean the party has to end. We are full on for the 2021 rally in Lumby, B.C. Canada next July hosted by the Okanagan Chapter of West Coast British Motorcycle Owners of Canada.

Tri State Norton Riders have now put in a bid for the 2022 rally and without another solid offer at this time we shall work to make that happen.

What to do this July???  Should conditions allow, have a regional rally, a mini rally, a personal rally! Invite everyone in your area to join you for a campout, a group ride, a pot luck dinner, etc.

Send your plans to Barry at for publication in the Norton News. Afterwards, we will still have a rally issue with your photos, and how you Kept Calm and Rallied On.

I am personally inviting anyone who can to come to my home to camp overnight, pot luck dinner, bonfire and a ride around my area on a date to be determined during our traditional rally week.

Thank you all – you are treasured and necessary which is why these measures are being taken.

Suzi Greenway, President
International Norton Owners Association

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