Swap Meet!!!

Bring any motorcycles, parts, gear, etc you want to sell! You can set up your table or tarp at your camp site and make more (or less) room in your garage!

A call for Tech Sessions!

Presentations on any topic of interest to Norton or British bike owners and enthusiasts are welcome. At past rallies we learned about the art and science of engines, fuel, ignition, paint, lubricants, suspension, riding techniques, electrics and electronics, modifications and accessories, you name it and all with great interest. Slides, pictures, talks on vintage motorcycling events or anything related to our interest and experience are welcome.

Please contact tristatenortonriders@gmail.com if you have any interest and we’ll work on the logistics. Thanks!

Track Time!

We are working on getting some track time at the New York Safety Track for anyone who is interested. Details are being worked out and the information will posted as soon as possible.

This is a note from Rally Committee member John Taylor. John and Ben English both live a short ride from the Blackthorne and have mapped out our Group ride and self-guided rides and both are very knowledgeable about the roads and riding conditions in upstate NY. 

The 2022 Norton Rally Committee would like to encourage any rally attendees who are planning to visit the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, NY on Friday to take advantage of the bus ride.  It’s around 150 miles round trip from the Blackthorne via heavy traffic roads most of the way.  A bus trip with a lunch stop is a great way to rest your saddle-weary butts while bench racing and scrolling through Rally photos.  We’re not trying to dissuade you from riding, only persuading you to relax after a busy, fun-filled week. 

This was the schedule of events for the 2022 INOA Rip Van Norton Rally.

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